Do you want to discover new Brazilian Independent Rock bands? Enjoy playing and listening to Rock N ' Roll? So RockFlickz is your way to hours of fun! RockFlickz is an exciting game that will hold you from the beginning to end! Control a pick -up that throws vinyl discs to score points and advance in the game as you discover new Brazilian Rock bands.

The goal is simple, join three or more disks of the same color and try to make the maximum number of combinations, the more colors you match, the higher your final score will be. During your journey you will come face different types of power- ups that will make your game more dynamic and addictive. But beware ... Time is your biggest enemy .

If you are a Brazilian Independent Rock Band and want to spread your work thru the game, all you need to do is access and follow the steps on your screen.

• Addictive Game and Free
• Languages: Portuguese / English
• Age rating : Free for all
• More than 50 bands ROCK
• More than 5 power- ups to help you
• Available for smartphones and tablets
• Listen to true Rock and Roll

If you have questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to share with us!
» Developed by: Vince Vader & Sioux | Sioux Publishing - | Music by: Shovel Music

This is an app that you can download and play for free on your smartphone or tablet. However, it may contain advertising messages from Sioux or third parties.